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​​​two months ago i joined a spartan company by the name of Hydra Nations. Their bio is all about being a better player and playing as a team so i was interested as i am always trying to find new players to play with. The leadership has been silent until the past two weeks. Until this point there has been nothing unusual about the company or its leader, a player by the name of <mark>REDACTED</mark>. It would be wrong for me to not bring this to microsoft and 343’s attention. This player has sent out a message with the title, “-Yoink!- has arrived” in which he tells players they need to be as nazis killing jews. This is offensive, racist, hate speech and this player should not be able to hold any leadership position at all. But almost just as worse, he is now demanding that all players in the company fill out a “personal profile questionnaire” or they will be kicked. This is extremely troubling because if not answered to match this one players bigoted opinions and crooked morals, gamers who have spent months and months playing and sacrificing time and effort will not be able to get the achilles armor they earned and deserve. This is also extremely troubling because of the nature of these questions which requires players to reveal their age, gender, race, where they live, political and religious opinions, a question about -Yoink!-, a question about homosexuality, and many other invasive questions. This should not and cannot be allowed. If 343 does not take action on this, i will be forced to share and spread this story through the internet on various websites and blogs such as tumblr and reddit stating that 343 and microsoft condone this behavior of hatespeech, racism and the invasion of privacy through blackmail. I will wait 24 hours for a response before i share this with the world and show them that according to 343 this is acceptable.