343 Remake Map Pack

I was just throwing around the idea that 343 should consider a map pack to be a remake map pack. Remake greats like the Pit and other favorites but keep them basically the same just update the graphics and scale for halo 4. I would buy it even if it was $30. Make it a huge Map pack with like 5-8 maps. Thoughts?

What Maps would you guys like to see in it if it was a possibility? I would like to see(not in order):

The Pit

Foundry/Sandtrap style map for forge (not these “forge world” crap. Flat maps please)
Headlong, without the update. Hated only getting the updated version in Reach MM.

Almost forgot Terminal.

Sanctuary, Zealot, Waterworks(/Headlong, but it’s already in Halo: Reach) and Breakpoint would be great.

Turf, Warlock,Burial Mounds, Sanctuary, Terminal (please, its amazing), Lockout

There would need to be a classic playlist as most of these maps wouldn’t work in infinity slayer. AAs and sprint would ruin most of them.

Zanzibar, Turf, and Relic would be INCREDIBLE. Please 343 those maps are so much fun. Put Assault and 1 Flag CTF back in on those maps and you would make EVERYONE happpy! Seems like a great plan to rally the base! Please please bring back some of those old fantastic maps, there is NO downside to it.

I believe this “pass” I made yesterday sums up my feelings on what I’d like to see in terms of remakes.

I also believe they should do the same thing but for Halo 2 and Halo. Then have a form of community poll for the best remaining Halo maps from 1, 2, 3 and Reach and the top maps get put into some “Popular Map Pack.”