343 read this!!

So 343 has completely destroyed the halo experience and still has not fixed any major problems with its multiplayer. The game type and map variety when playing live is complete trash!!! When I search big team battle I get 3 options of Zanzibar!!! Zanzibar is one of the worst halo maps, the decision to recreate this map and not another shows how much 343 is taking player feedback into account. I also just read that they will be remaking Relic. Relic!!! Are you kidding me!! That map is worse than Zanzibar. I was so happy they put Halo:CE up, until I saw that it was 3v3. Another bad decision on their part. There are just so many things that this company has done to piss me off that I can’t or don’t feel like writing down. Your company sucks -Yoink- and you all are going in the wrong direction with halo 5. Oh yeah! I need them to know I spent what, 30 dollars for all the maps in halo 4 on 360 back when it came out. I ended up being able to play them for maybe 2 weeks before I ever saw them as an option to play on again. This was the first indicator to me that this company is out to pump out game after game in order to make more money…just like COD and assassins creed.

Zanzibar and relic are some of my favourites.