Hey 343i,

Hope you guys had a good break, unfortunately a fair number of your players including me, havent.

Since 4 days ago -the cartographers gift update and the server outage I have been unable to play matchmaking games consistently. “Local connection lost” “Unable to find server suitable” “Error connecting to Halo servers”. Are just some of the errors your players (over 200+) posts are encountering. Me too, and its driving me nuts.

I tried to DMZ my xbox, enable UpNp, forward ports (including 30000-4@%&@)- a recent fix posted in the lag issue thread. I am still after every 2nd 3rd game being booted with above errors. Playing with a fireteam is a no-go. I have tried wired and wireless tried calling xbox support and my ISP to no avail.

It seems you are ignoring your own gamer base with this issue and I understand you guys have been taking a break but please can we get an update as to what is going on or where the problem lies. Maybe if we had some support with the issues we could chime in and help to resolve them fully.

Yours sincerely,


I am having the same exact issues since the last update. Seems like a lot of people are having these issues so a reply from 343 on the topic would be appreciated.

Been working fine for me up to today, having trouble putting fireteams together and matchmaking not working consistently. Friends I play with daily having trouble joining fireteams, while party chat works fine. Finally after able to get together almost every matchmaking session fails, boots member, or get dropped mid match. Spent more time in lobbies trying to get this game to work then actually playing today.

I have Comcast high speed internet with my Xbox on a static IP with port forwarding, I know this problem is on the halo 5 server end not on my end.

Hope these issues get sorted out ASAP, feel really bad for all the new player who received this for Xmas not setting a good impression to your fan base!

Just want to bump this incase a 343i staff member accidentally clicks on the support forum whilst jumping around in piles of money.

5 days. Server issues. Widespread. No response.

Getting beyond the point of forgiving them as its the holiday season.

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