343 ranking system

I have played multiple gamesources in breakout at diamond 6. I won’t about 11 games before losing and I gained no csr at all towards achieving onyx. But after I lose one game I lose so much csr and derank down to diamond 5…
i have also played FFA games at onyx and I have won games gaining 3-4 csr. But when I come 2nd in FFA I lose 15csr

Josh Menke explained this situation in his April 3rd Matchmaking Feedback Update. Many players are also experiencing this issue.

> We pushed an update last night that fixes an inflation issue that is especially prevalent in FFA. This is resulting in almost everyone with higher CSRs losing some extra CSR while the system self-heals. Don’t worry too much about it, it’s happening to everyone and will balance out. More about this in next week’s update.

Locking as this is not a support issue, but is an intended change to the matchmaking.