343, Promethean Vision and Forgers/Customs

Sorry just a reminder or a begging, please allow Forgers and the Custom Game options the ability to extend it’s range, power, and the availability to lock Promethean Vision only onto Zombies or Juggernaughts, so we can can make Predator Games and Infection PV only games. That would be a blast.

I know a lot of us would like that feature for custom games.

Just set the Zombies’ starting equipment to Promethean Vision. That will definitely be available.

And I really like that idea for a gametype, by the way. :slight_smile:

It’s been said before and it’s been a Forger’s mission to make a Predator Game, especially now with the cloaking and the vision enhancement. All we need now is the ability to keep it active and ranges to really get in there and make this game type a true Predator experience.