343 Positivity Spark - LETTER TO EVERYONE

Dear 343 industries, dear gamers (complainers and approvers)!

I only recently started to play Halo. I wasn’t there when they released it on the XBOX system, or when Halo 2 roared & rampaged during late XBOX era. Nope, wasn’t there when Halo 3 became ‘‘The Second Coming’’. And with Halo: Reach? Yup, pretty much did not have XBOX360 to play with. So, you see, I’m a complete rookie in regards of when I started to play Halo. Wouldn’t exactly call it ‘‘jumping on bandwagon’’ either because I was acting on my own, just wanted to play something that could actually glue me to screen after a long time of gaming abstinence and let me forget about minutes and hours.

Before that, I was a hardcore PC gamer: played it all, FPS, RPG, point and click adventures, RTS, you name it (I still have Sam & Max, Diablo II and Half-Life 2 on my hard drive).

Then I decided to ‘‘test drive’’ Halo/Halo 2 on my PC… And damn, was I in love or what. After literally three years of deciding to put things down in my gamer section of life (occasionally I did play Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2 and Bayonetta, stuff like that, unmissable), Halo struck me as genuinely interesting, with greater-than-life story arc (I’m a SciFi sucka) and with characters like Cortana(Jen Taylor) and Masterchief(Steve Downes). To quote one of my favorite movies of all time: ‘‘I became… Addicted.’’

Interestingly enough, I’ve never been one of those hardcore games, casual definitely; I almost always play on Normal and that’s it. But with HALO 3? Played it on Heroic for the first time, Legendary after that. It’s just… Special for me, the setting is such a vast, approachable, ‘‘real’’ universe. I wasn’t much into multi before Reach, so that gave me a whole new viewpoint of the entire gaming. I know, PC is a given for FPS but I just didn’t give a damn; beyond Reach and WOW, haven’t been much in a multi world anyway.

I like how 343 Industries seems to spending their entire working time making it true to what HALO experience really is: freedom of gameplay, moment of awe in the midst of something incredible and staying firm on who the characters are; new mechanics and technological improvements help them achieve just that (thank James Cameron and Avatar for facial motion capture).

CONSTANT COMPLAINERS, listen up - please, try keeping it positive in regards to HALO 4 and 343 Industries. Plenty of interviews brought out the hardworking, enthusiastic aspect of that newly formed company, I’m sure they will deliver, when the time comes (in 35 days actually).

Frank O’Connor, Josh Holmes, Kenneth Scott, Kiki Wolfkill, Neil Davidge, EVERYONE involved, I’d like to thank you from my heart, Bungie punched me in the face and reminded me how great games are to be found in many different forms and on many different platforms. 343, all of you made me even happier, cause the fight ain’t over yet and it looks gorgeous from all four corners of the galaxy, especially from the surface of Requiem.

I’ll play campaign few times (hopefully Legendary won’t give me too much gray hairs, like saving Cortana did), then switch to multi/spartan ops/forge, see you all on LIVE pretty soon and cheers from Croatia!


I feel I wrote this… Hmmmm I’m in the same boat as you

I admit, I came in here thinking I was going to read some bs.

Well said OP, well said. Someone get this guy a glass of milk and some cookies, he deserves it.


This will be a brand new Halo game - literally and figuratively - meaning the brand (Halo) will be new (or renewed) in this game.

There is no sense in debating this fact because like it or not, its happening.

I wish everyone could be excited for “brand new” Halo…I am a person who was there from the beginning (been playing Halo since 2000), and I know I’m super excited!

I’m honestly looking forward to this more then the eventual return of hockey (NHL) and I’m Canadian!

Cheers from Canada Ivan!

Thanking OP for so many reasons. :]

Hope to see you in War Games soon.

Posts like this are the reason I believe in stuff. Positivity, creativity, honesty, and sheer willingness to embrace good. Well said, OP.

Fun fact: I wear a hat. I tipped it to you.

I couldn’t agree more . Coming from a newcomer company to the series with only a few experienced Halo developers and hundreds of talented individuals, they are absolutely committed to bringing back Halo’s glory, pulling us out of Reach’s gritty and particularly depressing tone and back into the story we all know and love.

Probably the only things I’m skeptical about is the severely changed Forward Unto Dawn (although from a closer look one can make out the underside hangar of the ship), the re-used models from Reach (Banshee, Covenant Carbine using anim and reticule of Needle Rifle) and the Didact being an enemy. Other than that, I’m more than happy to throw in a hundred dollars for the royal return of John and Cortana :slight_smile:

Have a cookie ! :wink:

Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Look, I’m a long time lurker around here and guess after the n-th H4 SUCKS! thread that was merely a nonsensical rage reaction to something new that was out there I decided to say something positive. Like, really positive, not trying to preach on someone.

I’m sure that at least 80% of Halo gamers here want to play the best Halo game there is, so there’s nothing really constructive in saying (let me use something fresh): 343 fails once more, Mantis doesn’t belong here, this game sucks etc. How do YOU know what goes in this universe and what comes out? And sad is the universe that sticks so close to familiar elements, while refusing to explore the unknown.

Also, is it really necessary to create a thread for each and every question or statement? It’s really hard to find something useful if it’s not sticky cause then everyone wants to make a thread… about everything. We need to have, at least:

a) Campaign thread
b) Multiplayer thread with various subsections like War Games etc.
c) Forge thread
d) General info thread
e) Trailers/clips/gameplay footage


It would be much easier.

P.S. Loving the cookies! :slight_smile:

I came here with this but after reading this thread I am like this.

Its nice to see some people putting in foresight into what could be the next best Halo title.

Well said OP. :slight_smile:

Aaagh i am so glad to rear it!! I hope someone from 343 has gathered their friend around to read too. This Op is just an example, a small taste of the thanks I am sure most of their players want to express for essentially reviving their game… Please 343 don’t worry about those who are trying to badmouth your company and your game on your forums.


applause I wish I could write a speech like that.

#35 days to go: Wake me, when you need me.

i am positive about halo 4 too, but i am also skeptical about many of the new features. we will have to wait another 35 days and see whether my concerns are warranted or not.

> I came here with this but after reading this thread I am like this.

lolyes !

> Thanking OP for so many reasons. :]


So true! Halo 4 looks like a great game, and people need to stop complaining! Seriously!

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