343 plz take this in to consideration!

I posted this on

But found out it was fan made… so here is my problem with Forge and Custom Games at the moment.

In Halo 3 I was able to edit the infection game type where the zombie can hold other weapons like the game type Halo on Halo, Duck hunt, ext. Also I can regenerate grenades for nades n spades, and one more thing people can spawn with random weapons on this map in foundry.

But I went to remake all of that in Halo 4 but was not able to do the main things I needed :frowning: plz bring it back 343 I beg you guys. that’s what made Custom games so fun in Halo 3. and right now Forge is dead till you guys fix it. I want to make awesome games again to play with friends at lan party’s again!