343 Plz give 1-2 week notice before rank reset!

343 please give us 1-2 week notice before resetting the ranks for the “new December seasons”! My understanding is that the new December seasons are going to start this month at which time all the arena ranks will be reset? However there has been no specific timing info on at least what weeks you are targeting? Also no info on how prior season historic playlist ranks will be shown? Please let us know 1-2 weeks in advance before resetting… I don’t want to just sign in one day to find all my ranks reset. Not a huge deal for everybody, but some of us would like to know so that we can get in our final competitive play in to finalize our current ranks… For example, I have a platinum 4 tm breakout and diamond 4 swat that I would like to try to rank up on before reset and I currently have no idea when the reset will happen.