343 pls give us more power ups in req packs

We have too many boosts and not enough powerups now.

considering we can only use 1 boost per game and multiple powerups per game. I’d say the distribution is not balanced at all.

Who is with me?

I have tons of power ups. With the exception of updates I only get gold packs, and I always seem to get least one.

Yeah ive noticed they made power ups about as rare as a damn mythic. I wish there were power up req packs

I am glad I don’t receive 4 power ups per gold pack. I like the way it currently is.

They never give me Active Camos anymore!! I need them, not boosts!

Im not with you. It is a good balance now. Likely you don’t understand the power of the boosts. Id rather have all boosts and no power ups honestly. I know a few people who just sell all their boosts and that’s just crazy.