343 Please

Ok look 343 when I got halo 5 I was like hell yea I can’t wait to get something that you would get exclusively when I heard at first that helioskrill was gonna take to get halo 1 through halo 4 on legendary I was like “I gotta get that armor and helmet” so I bought The Master Chief Collection and did exactly that when I got the armor I was proud of my accomplishments all the hard work and pain and time I put into it was worth it.then here comes an
update…it gives two different helioskrill armor’s and you get it buy buying gold pack’s at first I was fine with gold pack until this happened in my mind when I heard that they would do that I was “PISSED” I remember in my mind I was like “man…those good old days achieving such a great thing it’s…gone what happen” and this is where I stop all I got to say is
343 don’t make the same mistake you made in halo 5 don’t get me wrong I love you guys it’s just don’t do that to fans that have been here so long keep the stuff that is hard to get where you only get it from all the sweat and tears on hard work put in a game just please 343 when halo 6 comes out put helioskrill back in that game but this time don’t make the same mistakes please make it where in halo 6 you get helioskrill or another cool armor by lien completing halo 1 through halo 5 on legendary I want halo to
live…please hope you guys keep are franchise

-From Jesse

Going to close this off as it’s not really a Halo 5 support request. If you would like to share any feedback on future Halo games, there are some wish list threads in the General Discussion forums you are welcome to add your thoughts to :slight_smile: