343, please.

I and many others are fairly upset we cannot access these maps offline.

I understand that there is no co-op, and that honestly never bothered me as I don’t play with anyone else. It just bothers me that if I were to not pay for Xbox live Gold, I will not have access to these maps, theater, nor my own spartan. In previous iterations of Halo, we could run around maps offline. It was a nice bonus from the campaign sense a lot of people could not pay for Gold.

I do have a job, I can afford it (Now), but who’s to say I wont be able to afford it later? Or I just don’t have internet access at all? Or maybe Xbox live were to go offline? God forbid, Lizard Squad?

I don’t have any immediate problems with the game. The story is amazing, I love Spartan Locke. I love the fact Chief is back in action. I love the gameplay and multiplayer. I just want to be able to access these maps if I were offline. Please have an update for this.