343 please watch


Please dont ban me or anything, im one of the people that is holding on hope for halo. I think the main point here is halo 1 2 and 3 were very successful through out their careers. However, reach was not successful and took a bite out of the health of halo. So why would you make another CoD wannabe in halo 4. There are stuff in this game that are just not halo. please in halo 5 bring halo back.

haha wow the interviewer looks ridiculous, that he actually willingly wore that lol
But yeah, I’d have to agree with what the guy said, they are driving the halo series into the ground, which is a bummer since it’s a amazing game universe. Bungie really made it so believable and beautiful.

I played a game of capture the flag today, and it was just so frustrating. I joined in a game in progress, and of course my team was losing badly. There were two guys hiding, spawnkilling with snipers and a mantis was walking around killing the rest. with absolutely no hope of getting a rocket launcher. Get rid of joining a game in progress! If I’m going to lose I want it to be my fault, I don’t want to start a game by losing.

and oh yeah, it’s impossible to know who has what guns. In previous halos it was easy to predict and know if someone had a sniper rifle, rocket launcher or shotgun. All I needed to do was just need to go to were the gun would spawn and see if it was there or not! but now the gun can be anywhere !