343: Please slightly buff SMG and BR

These weapons got hit too hard in the last sandbox update.
They no longer feel very fun or rewarding to use.
I hope 343 will publish a small patch that increases their power a bit.

The SMG took a nearly 25% nerf, which (IMO) was too much. I believe maybe half that amount would be right.

It’s disagreeable to me that the BR’s RRR (red-reticle range) is greatly outclassed by that of the pistol. Picking up a map weapon should offer a meaningful improvement over the starting weapon, and the BR doesn’t have a very clear advantage over the pistol even at mid-range, which is the one context where the BR is supposed to excel. Maybe the auto-aim is stronger for the BR, but that information isn’t disclosed to players anywhere (AFAIK), so it’s difficult to say.

I also notice that carrying the SMG is a huge risk (due to the extreme loss of functional range compared to the AR) without an equally big reward — the SMG’s TTK (time to kill) is just so-so in most real situations, which involve missing some of the shots as both Spartans strafe around. The one respect in which the SMG shines is its unparalleled ability to segue quickly into a fatal punch, which is a bummer, since it means the weapon lacks an identity as a kill-closer in its own right. I have an irrational dislike of never seeing certain weapons in the “Tool of Destruction” post-match callout, despite using them extensively during the match. :stuck_out_tongue:

343, please patch this very soon!

The last sandbox patch was years ago…like 2016.
Nothing has changed since then. Unfortunately Halo 5 won’t be getting anymore patches.
343i are focused their efforts on MCC & Halo Infinite, sadly Halo 5 has been left by the wayside.

I understand your points for balancing but like I said above. It’s been that way for years and won’t be changing.