343 please respond - purchasing recognition

I had purchased Halo the MCC on the 14 of November and have had troubles with halo nightfall, with it not working, never being able to watch an episode, being redirected back to the game when i would press ‘buy halo’ and being in a loop. However, today i was on xbox.com and found that the game still wants me to purchase it when im on the store (this didnt happen when i looked at other purchased games such as Titanfall). Is it possible that xbox.com/xbox live has not recognised that i have purchased the game, yet the game still be linked to my account and allow me to play it? And if so, could this be the problem as to why other users who purchased a digital copy are unable to watch halo nightfall?

please respond to this 343.

The only one that will respond to you it Bravo. He’s on twitter @brav thats where you will get some help.

Try logging into xbox.com using a inPrivate tab in your browser. Check if the game is not marked as ‘purchased’ there.

I’d use Chat support at xbox.com