343 Please respond. Many of us need a answer....

343 many of us are missing DLC like req packs and beta bonuses such. We are upset but we are trying to wait patiently and trying to find a answer on this problem. We understand that there are many launch problems you have to deal with, but please just give us a idea on when this will be fixed. Many of this content we paid extra for. I have the deluxe edition and played on the 7th, plus have participated in the beta. I have the beta emblem but not the rest of the DLC. Many of us are missing the content even though it’s installed on the xbox. All that we ask for is a response. I love Halo 5 just like many of us do. But if the creators can’t respond to simple questions, it gives us less hope of enjoying the game. I have contacted xbox support. They told me to contact you. I have posted on twitter as well as othe posts on here. We appreciate the responses just like you appreciate our feedback. Just please respond with a answer regarding the problems Halo 5 is facing. Give us hope.

Thanks for reading.

Let’s try to keep this post toward the top. Also if anyone has the same problems please post what content your missing.


I too am missing item(s). I have been going around with Microsoft and Amazon about this. I’m missing the code card for the Fotus Armor.





Been almost a week since I was able to play online

bought my REQ bundle on Friday and haven’t gotten any response on when or if I’ll ever get the premium packs I’ve paid for. Haven’t revived anything.

RE: The Warzone REQ Bundle

I hope this at least answers one of the questions. The rest I hope gets sorted out for you guys

Since launch I’ve had multiple problems in multiplayer. Not being able to finish a game. 30-45 second lag periods frequently. I have twc and my internet is fine. I’ve lost put on boosts that I have had activated in games only to lose them to disconnects from multiplayer. I have no problem with any other game and its frustrating not being able to play a new game that I’ve waited for. Please fix this!

KeelahQuib, I reviewed the statement and that does not fix my problem. I would even bet that it doesnt help alot of us. I also havent recieved me Req bundle packs and ive played since day one. I have tried uninstalling the content and reinstalling to no avail. I hope this problem is solved soon because i really want those mythic chances.

Keep it up guys. Let’s show support toward 343 but let’s also make sure we get the content we are entitled to.

They say “You can find your REQ Packs each week in the “Open Packs” section of the Requisitions menu.”

NOPE, I have the Digital Deluxe edition and I didn’t receive anything. There is NOTHING in the open packs section.

Preorder bonus is also missing in action for me.

still no answer… Halo Twitter won’t even speak of it.

They were replying the other day according to posts i have seen. i havent seen anything new though today or yesterday at all even regardling lag and disconnection. hopefully they get to it just like all other problems people are having as im in the same boat missing my limited edition content like the warzone bundle and fall of reach series

My assumption is that they are piling all of these major issues together and will release a status/report of what’s going on and when they will be fixed. As of now they are probably aware of all the issues but too busy to respond.

I just hope the solution for the dlc problems isn’t releasing them for free for everyone. We paid for the content in the deluxe edition also met standards for the beta. We should get what we earned.

Give it time. Keep this post toward the top.


343 please give a quick update if you are still looking into the dlc issues

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