343 Please Read

Hello 343 or community members that are reading this. This topic is about playable Elites for Halo 6, before you just back out I would appreciate to see this perspective.

So first off I very much enjoy the Spartan II’s and as long as they are in Halo then I won’t be going anywhere. However one thing has bothered be immensely on Halo 5 and that is no playable elites. There is so much opportunity for that community per the updates. Having them around would bring so much more to Halo, so the main point I have seen issues with is “Lore” and “Balancing” and I tend to cover both.

Lore: Obviously a lot of these scenarios take place aboard the UNSC Infinity and are simulations so why would the UNSC allow elites not only aboard the ship but in a way of see how Spartans train. Spartans are what won the war against the elites so why give any elite the capability to see how they work. Well it’s already started to happen, look at the grunt that’s now an announcer. Next point is that this grunt defects and is allowed access to that information yet the Arbiter has been along side humanity for years and doesn’t have I am not saying full access but the ability to have a presence in one way or another. The Arbiters forces have deployed on operations and battles together so they see that combat stabilization already. Now added what Cortana is up to and her message to Halsey it makes more sense to bring in elite allies to have a perspective Cortana may not understand since she was built by humans and see a forerunner perspective. Having an elite the Arbiters forces would really challenge her, Thel was known as an outstanding strategist and leader, even to the point where Spartan Locke recommended an assassination. Having that knowledge could benefit humanity in beating Cortana and bring the two species together. Other elite clans will see it wasn’t there forces that defeated the forerunners but humanity and elite. Adding payable elites and Arbiter as announcer would be fantastic and having elite specific assassinations would really add more flavor to Warzone and custom games.

Balancing: So I am not at all suggesting elites are usable in Ranked Arena at all, social sure, Warzone yes and custom games yes. Having all the elites in custom games would allow Halos community to improve, there are groups still on Reach not wanting to move because they have that capability to be elites on that game. Allowing them to make a nice transition to the next Halo installment would be very helpful for everyone. Having all these elite capabilities and no elites is just sad and I would love to see it applied to help Halo improve. As for Warzone I mean give elites some nice looking armor with thrusters, Elite Charge (lol), ground pound I mean ya it may not be head balanced but it;s warzone… balancing is not exactly it’s specialty.

All I ask from this post isn’t a full through plan but an idea that allows modifying and hopefully a room for elites to be in Halo 6 since I doubt they would be here on Halo 5 but 343 has impressed us all so far. I thank all who have read this and all I would hope is 343 to truly consider it and try to make it work.

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