343 please read this!!!!

Now I’m not sure that anyone has made this post but I’ll do it just to get this point across again. People in warzone are abusing the exploit in which they destroy the enemy core with an arclight before the enemy team is triple cap. In my game history you’ll find a match on attack on sanctum and if you bookmark it and watch it around the end you’ll see that a guy just does this.

Heres the link <mark>#ONI</mark>

This is the most cheapest way to win in warzone when the enemy team has a smurf in your team to help do this and this has to be addressed immediately. My recommendation is nerf the arclight so that it doesn’t have any piercing projectile like the other railguns. It’s stuff like this is what really makes me turn away from playing halo 5 now.

They know it’s a thing. Don’t worry.