343 please read this! have been ignored all week

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Where is my free 1 month gold? I played halo mcc from launch day (tried to play online, but only got few games in as the known issues) but last Friday all of my friends apart from me had a free month added to the live subscription for playing halo Mcc online in few weeks after launch. I have achievements to show I played it in date required. Please don’t ignore this. Major Nelson told me to leave msg here. I want my free gold and a appologie as to why you have no email or phone contact info.

Ok, you need to stop making topics about this. I think this the fifth topic I have responded to you on regarding this so you are definitely not being ignored. The free month hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, it’s still in process of getting to all players. Please read over the FAQ I posted as it answers pretty much every question you have, including detailing out the window for the free month being released to all eligible players.

Who are you? Do you work for 343? Why did players who played later than me get free month 1st?

I’m a member of the community, I don’t work for 343. The roll out isn’t based on on when someone started playing, I’m not even sure what it is based on - could be related to your something on your account like an internal ID or date. What does it matter? You’re going to get it. Have patience :confused:

You will get it! My god, there are hundreds of other posts.

Will keep posting until I get it, power to the people!

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> Will keep posting until I get it, power to the people!

Spamming the forums is not going to have it hit your account any faster, so I suggest not doing that