343, PLEASE re-enable Red Reticles in Campaign on PC before launch

I can’t be alone in saying that the red reticle feature is essential to the tactile feel of Halo combat, and while I can tolerate it being disabled in multiplayer—even though I don’t agree with the reasoning—I cannot think of any good reason why it should be disabled in Campaign on PC as well.

For those out of the loop, on PC, neither controllers or MKB have red reticle ranges enabled. This was done to prevent auto-fire scripts from being used, but in Campaign, if someone is scripting, the only person they’re ruining the experience for is themselves.

I’m SO looking forward to the campaign, but something like this seems to me like something that makes the game feel worse without having any actual positive impact, so please 343, if you see this, re-enable red reticles on PC for at least the Campaign.


Bumping the thread up to point out that this hasn’t been addressed as of the campaign’s launch last week. 343, please do so ASAP. With multiplayer, I can respect not wanting to have people easily hack (Even though that hasn’t stopped people anyways.). But respectfully, this shouldn’t have been removed from the campaign in the first place.