343 Please Please consider these things

Halo has been one of my favorite games for so long,
one of the main reasons aside from good graphics and fun gamepley is the progression systems, that is what keeps alot of players hungry for more and more playtime, they wanna keep getting on and trying to get to that next rank and get all the new customizable things for there spartan.

It took me 2 months of casual play to get SR130 in halo 4,
in reach it took me a year and a half of hardcore gameplay to get to the second to last rank(Reclaimer).

thanks to reach’s crazy long rank system i would wake up early and go to bed late to try and get to complete the games ranking system.

In halo 2/3 there was the skill based rank witch was awesome,
if you played bad your rank went down,if you played good your rank went up, seems so simple!

commendations in reach were cool, only because it took so long to rank up,cause if you got a commendation in reach you would get Credits witch would get you that much closer to Forunner rank and that much closer to the ghost helmet that look so cool.

Now about halo 4,
Graphics are great in this game, campaign is awesome in this game as well,spartan ops is pretty cool as well,

Multiplayer has a few problems that are critical for this games survival.
and as the community of the halo universe we might not know how to design a game,or create maps to the smallest detail, but we know how to play, and we know what works,and why we wanted to keep playing games like halo 1-reach,
here is a few things that we need in halo 4, it is crucial that these things get into halo 4.

1:Add a new ranking system.I know that one is coming to waypoint where if you want to turn on your computer and go to the website and sign in you can view it,
But that will not be a success i promise you. add a new in-game ranking system that will last 2 years or so of hardcore gameplay, there has to be a reason to keep playing halo 4, yes we play cause its fun, but fun only last a little while then we need a visible rank to work for to keep us constantly wanting to get to that next number,medal etc…etc.

2:In-game host really needs to be on the top of the list, even more so above the rank, it gets so bad that i somtimes cant even make it through one game without getting so frustrated that i put a different game in my xbox. examples, I get someone down to one shot and i put my reticle over there head, it turns red the little dot appears in the center of the reticle and i pull the trigger and he doesnt die. it happen so much even with other weapons, railgun,rockets,sniper,
that really needs to be patched.

3:we really want/need a skill based rank, just like in halo 2, that one was perfect, like i wrote earlier, you play bad you dropped in rank, you play well you increase in rank. and its stated that there will be one coming to waypoint, but once again it needs to be visible in someway on the game, as a number or a medal.
and yes there will be boosters, but there will always be boosters no matter what you do.

add this stuff and halo will be flooded with players once again.

to be honest i love halo and have fun playing, but as far as halo 4 goes there is no reason to play anymore except for fun, and like i said “Fun” only last so long and then it gets boring and frustrating. and my “fun” goes away by the end of the first or second game, i wrote this novel because playing the previous games i know the reason i wanted to keep playing, everything was balanced, if someone shot you with a rocket you died, i also knew that the more i played the better i got so the higher my rank would go.

343 just think hard about this stuff and realize that this is what will make this game successful even when halo 5 halo 6 and halo 7 comes out.

Not all of us want rank.

> Not all of us want rank.

I do agree with you, but there is not harm in having a few playlists dedicated to ranked games.

OT: Halo 4 lost players for more than just the lack of a visible skill system. It is defiantly a factor to consider but in the modern age of gaming, players care more about earning stuff than wanting to improve.

Then again, Halo is meant to be it’s own thing. I personally think the CSR should be visible on your service record. There would be absolutely no real downside to it.

Dont want Rank?? what does that mean.

> Dont want Rank?? what does that mean.

It means he doesn’t want ranks.