343 please just focus on desync

Im experiencing very bad desync and it happens quite often and it makes me just not want to play and im excited for Season 2 but if im still having desync its just gonna put me off and im not gonna play which is unfortunate because the game itself is great just not when im getting killed around walls bullets and melees not registering and very bad lag.

I really wouldnt care if 343 just stopped working on everything else until they have a fix for desync because content doesnt matter if the game is suffering from desync.


Few questions for you (or anyone who gets it a lot) if you have the time to answer:

What is the most common thing you experience due to desync?

When you do experience desync in a game, on average how often does the above occur in one game?

How often do you experience desync roughly? Every few games, every ten, every hundred?


Shots not registering (including rockets failing to kill enemies with direct hits)

Punching through enemies with no damage (this includes missing locked on sword lunges and punches from the front registering as back smacks)

Grenades disappearing (especially apparent when you stick an enemy)

Weird rubber-banding like the game is trying to reset your position, which is especially annoying when in the middle of a close quarters fight.

It happens in most games. Many times a game. The odd thing is that it fluctuates throughout the game and isn’t consistent. The game may start fine but then part way through everything gets bad, or vice versa.

It is rare to have a game that feels good from start to finish with all my shots and melees registering.

I don’t have this problem in any other game. MCC has the occasional lag or rubber-banding. But that is about as rare as the good games in Infinite.


That might be more to do with your own connection than anything else as rubber banding is most often caused by your own internet.

Now the question being, why can’t Infinite perform the same level as other games if it happens less frequently on MCC? Hopefully it can be fixed to have same level as other games. I wouldn’t be able to play if I experienced rubber banding.

My parents house had a router which was super annoying. I started to rubber band every game, turns out ISP updated it and it changed settings every update so randomly I’d start rubber banding every game and have to log in and fix it. Always took a few games to determine that was the issue too as their internet wasn’t the best so I’d rubber band every now and again anyway.

Have experienced rubber banding in one game of Infinite and that was due to my own router playing up. So thankfully it was a quick fix and haven’t had it since.

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Shot’s not registering, grenades disappearing mid air or going through someone, rockets disappearing, getting killed/killing someone 2-3 seconds later, and getting shot around walls.

Usually all game. Surprisingly desync is worse (for me at least) at low and super high pings. 45-55ms seems to be somewhat of a sweet spot but not always.

Two out of every three games I’ll experience desync while on PC. On my Series X it’s two out of every six games usually.

In February I upgraded to 1000/1000 fiber optic internet and noticed almost immediately desync became worse. My assumption here is that I am communicating with the server quickly while the enemies are not. Therefore they are receiving my information quickly while I am not receiving theirs. Desync also became worse with the geo-filtering ban and the supposed update to fix connection issues.

All in all I am almost positive that 343 either has zero idea what’s causing desync or it’s an issue deep within the games code in general as I’ve also experienced it while playing against bots in academy. I’ve also heard of it popping up at HCS which are LAN event.


Uh… Did you not read the part about how this is the only game it happens in??? And I said “weird” rubber-banding. It’s not the normal rubber-banding that I see when I have a laggy connection to a game.

Also, my connection is usually under 35 ping but the games that are at higher ping have less desync.

Plus it’s happening in LAN matches so it’s something in the netcode and not traditional lag.


I’ve noticed this as well. My least desynced games are always around 60ms. If I get a game under 10ms, I know that the desync is going to be out of control.

The most common issue that im experiencing are (in this order):

  • being shot around the corner
  • sticky grenades flying through the body
  • input lag / delay on the controller while i try to throw a grenade (first grenade throw)

It happens in nearby every ranked match.
A lot in social matches.


I’m concerned they may just have a fundamental design flaw in their network code or it would’ve been resolved already.


Yep, makes absolutely zero sense. Extremally frustrating as well.

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  • hit register issues: my aimer is on target but bullets aren’t doing damage, or my aimer is off target and they are doing damage (I have a clip where the enemy died well after I’m done firing). This happens maybe every 3-5 games, and I’ll notice every 2-3 encounters per game.
  • melee issues: hear the hit land but no damage done, clearly miss but get the win, enemy teleporting forward and then backward to where they were for the hit. There’s at least 1-3 instances every game.
  • movement issues: maybe this isn’t desync but there’s a hint of teleporting/jerkiness to players movements that makes it hard to track in real time, especially when they clamber or slide. Similar occurrence as hit registers
  • Getting shot behind walls: happens less frequently to me honestly, maybe I just don’t notice and think the hits are legitimate

I’m not sure if I remember correctly or not, but I think that I read somewhere the desync is part of the game and would require a major overhaul that just simply won’t happen through a quick basic update unfortunately.

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I have the exact same experience. This should be the first thing fixed in this game. I can play any other game online (even MCC, made by the same company) and rarely have issues


I don’t think they just need to focus on that. But they do need a good dedicated team to find out why it’s so bad.

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I agree with the request, unfortunately fixing desync will not make them any money.
Season 2 battle pass and more cosmetic items to sell will.

So, maybe an ODST drop pod will see it fixed within the next 6 months.
But if the past 6 months shows us anything,
It probably wont.

When more people stop playing, like me because of desync, then they’ll care. Hopefully

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As mentioned before, I highly doubt that we will se a major improvement. IMO there are 2 factors causing the desync: which can’t be fixed

  • The huge gap between FPS caused by the platforms. 30 on the one console, 170 on a pc. In the middle 60/120 on series x.

  • There great idea to favor the shooter. In theory nice but obviously a major issue.

There is no point in playing if taking cover means “you are in cover in 0.5 seconds…”.

Beside beeing shot around corner which is frustrating, the biggest issue I have with desync are the grenades.

I don’t know how much I thought “the nade got him one shot or even should have killed him” and the opponents comes with a minor scratch on his toe at me. You even see in in the death cam. Dude gets nade spammed and walks away unharmed.

Besides this, I experience my best games on 140 ms servers. Opponents have a super slow reaction times and the aim assist feels super strong. 30ms and I have much more duels where we start at the same time and I drop dead shortly after my third burst. And, much worse: the aim aissist feels like turned of. H5 had the same problem… games where the cross hair goes all over the place. No noticeable tracking and the feeling of a completely differen game.


This happens so frequently. Including grenades that just disappear: Sticky grenades that are stuck to an enemy and just vanish… Frag grenades thrown at an enemy’s feet that never explode… It’s frustrating.

Also rockets… Rocket explosions suffer from the most ridiculous desync I have ever seen. One time a friend and I were standing inside each other to see what would happen. We took a direct hit from a rocket and I died and my friend didn’t.

Yup. Higher ping games actually feel better than lower ping games. I’m guessing it has something to do with the “favor the shooter system” but who knows?

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The phantom grenades are my number one gripe, followed closely by melee issues.

It’s incredibly frustrating to watch a grenade I throw as I die bounce off the ground, only to disappear so that the enemy gets away with a full shield when they should be dead. Or when my teammate is on their way to help and the grenade I obviously just threw to help them just doesn’t go off for no apparent reason other than I died right after I threw it.

The melee stuff is annoying too, for the same reasons, but also for others. It’s a rare day when I don’t get any melees that just decide not to work. It also feels like other people have much greater melee range than I do, which may be related to connection issues. Then there are issues with player collision, though that’s a whole other topic.
Melee in general needs some tweaking, imo.


Can’t upvote enough.