343 PLEASE!: introduce Slayer variants.

Since halo 5 came out I’m dont like to play Salyer with Assault Rifle as primary weapon, it force you to every time you spawn look for another weapon or just changed to pistol. I hate to do that, without power weapons on the field AR doesnt help too much, I really HATE to play my favorite game mode with an automathic weapon, I want to play Slayer Br’s or Slayer DMR’s. You should probably do it NOW, putting Br’s at least on FFA, Slayer and MultiTeam. This is a new great Halo with 5 months top played games, its time for open your eyes and do that things right.

I know what you mean , Halo 5 could have so much more content if they just added slayer pro , covenant slayer, snipers , covy snipers , and so on…

I hated all those variations, especially with voting because everyone voted for the stupid br starts and it was so boring