343 please help! Booting ruining the experience!

Hi, long time player here. Been on XBL since H2 and played every multiplayer extensively ever since. (under this account since H3)

I have always loved this experience and as any gamer can tell you, it is not without its downsides. I have played against every type of cheater and with every type of quitter/betrayer/ general A hole who can’t stop screaming … Everything. All in all I have easily logged over 10K matches of all titles, and there are service records to prove it.

But now, for the past few nights specifically, I have been continually booted during matches. In 99% of these matches I was winning, which is another story entirely as my rank would be approaching Onyx division but is plummeting to the bottom of Diamond, but I digress.

Halo has always been an incredible experience, the first and foremost in my opinion. But as of this week, I get booted in roughly 60% of my team slayer games and have been receiving increasing bans. The Banhammer which spared so many before me who tried their best to kill my love of the game with their unsavory lag switching and constant friendly fire over power weapons, has now fallen upon me … TWICE now. This current ban has me serving a sentence of over one hour.

As a lifer of this game from the playable demo at Best Buy of Halo: CE I implore you who may be listening to find a way to give me the resources I need to ensure this never happens again. I have open NAT, ports forwarded, static ip, hard wired connection…

After all we have been through together, please do find a way that I may survive this network battle as well. I will always be loyal to the Chief, and this universe, unless I am tragically. (Most tragically) banned from it due to God Knows What Reason.

Don’t know what else to do. Please help 343.

Nick, Tha Deff Starr
(H2: 30 Team Snipers; H3: 46 Slayer Brigadier General; Halo: Reach- Onyx Arena Slayer; H4: 50 BTB; H5: Diamond 1 but currently banned :frowning:

I believe it was lifted because now I am free to play with no ban. Any help with how to avoid future errors would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, whoever you are, for listening!