343 , please give us a rough estimate time how long matching takes

A issiue that plagues mcc for a while is searching something more niche , sitting and waiting up to 15 minutes with no result. i wounder "do even people play this ? do i have to wait longer or is it just time waste. for me personally i have been trying to find a ranked H2A and ranked H4 game for a long time with no result , they seem dead , or not i dont know. today i searched for rumblepit Halo CE only and same thing. thats a lot time simply wasted waiting i could have spend playing something were i dont have to wait an eternity. so maybe before we start search we could get a rough time estimate taking into account the relevant factors. since we dont have anymore playlist playercounts we have no way of judjing if the wait for us is worth it. i could check and if i hit a good active time then start to search the niche things. our limited time we can spent gaming would be spent more efficent.