343 please give the unsc another infantry energypl

Can u give us another infantry energy weapon for the unsc other then just the spartan laser. Now we have ion field weapons maybe we could have an portable ion weapon

I’m not opposed to the addition of a more “loadout level” UNSC energy weapon, but I don’t really see a need for it based in any hole in the balancing that exists in the series. Do you just want this for lore reasons, or do you think it would be a useful addition to the weapons sandbox? Why one way or the other?

Just more 26 century weapons type weapons for humanity

The problem with energy weapons is that they are nowhere near as efficient as gunpowder and lead. Why would anyone invest so much time, money, and manpower into creating a weapon that is literally just as effective as the cheap, reliable, and tried and true method of blowing s*** up?

Bullets are just as lethal as plasma bolts.

I can definitely see there being a lore justification for the invention of a UNSC plasma/energy weapon on the grounds of having a weapon that hits heavier on shields like Covenant Plasma weapons do- in-game, it’s just tricky to justify throwing one on top of everything when it’s so easy to get hands on the aforementioned Covenant weaponry.

So I get the appeal and can see the justification from the lore angle, I just don’t necessarily see the same evidence for implementing this on the mechanical/sandbox side of the aisle.