343, Please get rid of the microtransactions and fix the progression system

To all you fans out there complaining about the microtransactions on armor and coatings as well as the progression system: I understand your frustration. I am outraged too. However, instead of complaining about it, we need to rise up and give them all the feedback.

Now, to 343 Industries. Look, I understand you have to make money somehow, but these microtransactions on armor and coatings have outraged the fanbase and you should know that by now. Think about it. You’re putting over $1000 in microtransactions for all cosmetic stuff, which is outrageous to me. I don’t care if this has to be fixed before or after launch, but just get it done. Take all the microtransactions out of the game, and fix the progression system to where you earn cosmetics and XP by playing the game and ranking up. Don’t force players to do challenges; it will only make the game boring for them. Plus, if you take the microtransactions for cosmetics out, you will likely attract a wider audience, therefore making the same amount of money from everyone, assuming that they buy the campaign, or if things change and both multiplayer and campaign cost $60. I beg of you to make this change because a considerable amount of fans are outraged, thinking that you are turning to EA, and we all know how greedy they are for cash. Don’t turn into those guys. Make this game great out of passion.

Please spread this message, Halo fans. Make 343 Industries get the message so they can understand how we feel, instead of just waiting around for something to happen. I’ve sometimes felt that they are out to destroy Halo, but I know that it’s not true because if it was, we would know. They have put passion into this game, but they have made some majorly bad mistakes, and this is one of them. I get the outrage. But instead of just waiting around, we need to show them how we feel and make them correct this mistake of microtransactions for cosmetics and an incorrect progression system. Rise up, Halo fans.

TF2 Demoman2290 out.