343 Please Fix Matchmaking!

I have been playing Halo since Halo:Combat Evolved was commonplace in college dorm rooms, and I have never been more frustrated with a Halo title. I have enjoyed all the Halo titles and felt like a part of a great community over the years, but I can’t believe how terrible the matchmaking system is currently working. I have three achievements left to complete the game, and I have been playing Living Dead for three straight nights. I still have yet to have one opportunity to get Emergency Room or All Alone. That’s absurd!!! I want to play the DLC maps I paid for recently and they are never showing up. Please fix this broken system so that it doesn’t favor the people who didn’t purchase the DLC. Couldn’t there be an Action Sack DLC type playlist that has common opportunities to get the most recently added achievements for those of us who enjoy earning our fake trophies? Give us some love 343, you’re making me nervous for Halo 4. If matchmaking works like this then I won’t be playing much of Halo 4, which would be the first in my favorite series.

You can head over here and see about getting some help with those achievements. Your other option is to host a play date with the goal of earning said achievements.

I having a Achievement Hunting lobby open on wednesday 9pm est if you’re interested in joining.

I’ve been noticing the lack of care Reach Multiplayer has been getting. It’s horrible :frowning:

Thanks for the info. I don’t start playing until 11 pm EST normally (I’m in California). Are people still playing at that point normally? Also, my GT is Merk Daddy ML if you’re looking for a friend to play Reach.