343, Please Enable the Steam Anti Cheat feature for Steam Deck Users (it's quick and easy)

If you’re a 343 developer, please check this out: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/steamdeck/proton

I’ve done the hard work of finding the relevant official Steam documentation. It seems that there are 3 easy steps that will allow all Linux and Steam Deck users to play online. This WILL NOT enable hackers or cheaters. It is a misconception that all Linux users are hackers. Most Linux and Steam Deck players genuinely just want to enjoy the game like everyone else. This allows the anti-cheat system to work just as effectively on Linux as it does on Windows.

It should take your developers in publishing all but 5 minutes to do, and will allow literally thousands of new players to play your game, a game they all payed good money for, and will provide some incentive to buy the game on these platforms. We’ll all applaud you.