343, Please don't be wasting time and energy on a battle royale that nobody wants

“nobody wants”… like it or not that’s just not true. Yes, there is a community for arena Halo. But to act like BR’s haven’t been extremely successful and still are is just ignorant. TONS of people want a Halo BR and outsourcing it to another dev is the perfect way to tackle it if that is what they’re doing. Like you said, main game needs so much work and 343i needs to give it all their focus.


I like Battle Royal games and I like Halo.
Halo + Battle Royal = fun for me :]


Only little kids want a halo br
Real halo fans want nothing to do with a br


I had heard that. So is it even the same game? That sounds more like a spin off than CoD: Warzone. Even that is quite a distinct beast.

Perhaps the plan is that 343 focuses on the Campaign DLC and the smaller arena multiplayer. Whilst Certain Affinity does the bigger game modes and Forge?


The game isn’t even in a playable state and this is what you think should happen.


My man, you have “a13yearoldgurl” as your username.


I don’t really want a Battle Royale, but based on the leaks, you hack Sentinels to protect your FOB, repair machines and vehicles, capture objectives, etc, so it actually sounds like a Big Team Elimination Warzone mode. You help your team capture and defend, but if you die, you’re out.


I think that Certain Affinity working on the supposed BR is a good thing. 343i could use the help, but they also can focus on the engine they know, while also being able to get new content. To say nobody wants it is an overgeneralization of the community. I think that we should get a BR, but the game should be fixed first. I also think a CTF mode in a BR could be interesting to differentiate Halo from the other BRs. Halo wouldn’t even be following a trend at this point, the BR kinda just comes into every game.

I am pretty excited to see how they make it happen. I think what has made Halo so great for online play is the fact that there is minimal RNG and everyone starts with the same loadout and the same potential firepower available. If they maintain this model in their BR, maybe try to have controlled starting positions, with relatively equal access to loadout weapons and known locations for power weapons, I think the game could be a ton of fun. I am also curious to see how they implement a controlled reduction of the map. I will be a bit disappointed if they have the same stupid storm in a circle that closes in in stages, it works but that’s what every BR has done.

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And considering they are bringing in Certain Affinity, I would MUCH rather they work on…

  1. Firefight
  2. More MCC support
  3. H3A
  4. More Infinite support (343 could clearly use the help)

A large-scale BR like Warzone is the last thing I think should be happening.

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Where do you even get that from lol

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I’m sorry, what? The fans are here because we like Halo.

Halo has been here long before BRs went mainstream.

What Halo fans don’t want, at least the ones still on the fence, is a mode that’s only there to generate money. Which are what BRs typically are made to do.


You’re screaming at a wall bud, 343 wants to reach a broader audience.


They’ve subtly confirmed that that’s not what they’re focusing on. They’ve said they are working heavily on Season 2, quality of life fixes, customization reworks, and features that should’ve been included at launch (quality custom games, Forge, and Coop). Not to say it’s not lightly in the works but nothing like that is a priority at the moment. The bulk of their energy is on getting the game where it should’ve been at release.

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Lol its from halo 3 days…

“You” been sniped by a13yearoldgurl



Project Tatanka is supposedly a massive PVP/ PVE Ship to Ship gamemode. This could be a massive win or a massive fail for Infinite only time will tell. But from credible leaks, this gamemode will be godly.

It sure of you haven’t noticed 343 has never been about the Halo fans, rather they have been always pushing towards the eSports. Crowd that crowd is simply many generations. Especially younger ones.

If you noticed every aspect of all 343 mainline Halo titles has centered around Halo eSports competition, staring with 4 that’s what they wanted, than 5 came around and notice the trailer was revolving around that new mode breakout where it depicts Spartans fighting in a sort of 4v4 spectatored event.

Now Infinite it released with the bare minimum for 4v4 eSports tournaments. Notice it wasn’t the 4v4 mode that was unplayable for 2 months.

All we are is the crowd funding for them.

I don’t see why people haven’t picked up on this.

Look how they cater more to pros than the actual Halo Community.

Wonder why Co op/Split screen and forge always take longer. They priorities the things that they can use for Halo Tournaments over everything else

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Nailed it!!!

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If Halo added Battle toyale, it would be the only one I would touch. I would love to see it.
When the game is finished.
And ONLY when the game is finished.
And forge people should be able to get their hands on it too.

Not every game needs a battle royale to be successful, Halo doesn’t need to follow this trend to be popular. What needs to be the main priority is to fix the messy net code because the desync is terrible it ruins the game horribly.

Well thats literally what you’ll be getting for wanting a Halo Battle Royale. A Battle Royale with a Halo skin over it.

Don’t get too excited it won’t be that great and when they do add a halo br (hopefully never) and if it worsens halo you’ll be part of the fanbase that killed halo.

And I’m speaking for a great majority of the fanbase that understands the unnecessary need of a battle royale in EVERY SINGLE YOINKING GAME.

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