please, please, please, please do a remake of Halo 2. Or at least bring the servers online so that we can play Xbox Live. :slight_smile:

Wrong section buddy.
Try posting in the Halo 2 forum.
Here is a nice thread on the Halo 2 forum that deals with this issue.

whoops, my bad, just joined the site.
sry! :slight_smile:

> whoops, my bad, just joined the site.
> sry! :slight_smile:


At least release it for the Arcade.

Just give us our precious Halo 2 back! We will all pay for the privilidge.

Anyone else feel like a Halo 2 remake would be a perfect launch title for the neXtBox?

No better way to start the next era in Xbox’s online gaming dominance than the game that single-handedly put Xbox Live on the map. We’ll need something to keep us occupied for the 3 years until Halo 5 as well.