343 please add these maps.


The Pit

I mean look, they are right there! Just add them to MM and people will LOVE it. Do us all a favor.

Pretty please.

Doubtful that they would listen to be honest, I’ve tried.

Yea I just want more maps for this game and I’ll be a happy camper, so happy halo has forge, cod folks are screwed.

A file browser fix would be nice, so I can get them.

But really they need to be in matchmaking and the work is already done.

There’s no DL link, but I think this remake of Lockout looks a little truer to the original: FTG Lockout

I just want 343 to fix the file browser already. I’m tired of looking at crappy cell phone pics of people’s maps.

I would love that lockout remake, if they changed the color of the floors/buildings. Something a little more true to the original. Other than that, LOCKOUT would be a welcome addition. Along with a Chill out remake like the one they put in halo 3!