343, Please add an option to disable crossplay between input devices in Halo Infinite!

In social playlists, there is no option to disable crossplay between controller players and keyboard and mouse players. This is a problem because of the strafing speed of the player spartan. Unlike previous Halo games, the time it takes to change movement direction is nearly instant. While this increases the skill gap, it makes playing without a controller a notable disadvantage. Let me explain: While using a controller, players get the added benefit of bullet magnetism and aim assist. Because this bullet magnetism and aim assist act instantaneously — far faster than human reaction time — the player using the keyboard and mouse is left at a disadvantage in gunfights, because they have to adjust their aim with the limits of human reaction time. While the player using a controller also has to adjust their aim to some degree, the bullet magnetism and aim assist will track enemy players immediately as they move from side to side, making consistent shots much more reliable. I suggest you study pistol fights between controller players and PC players and measure the RoF-to-shots-on-target ratio. To me, it appears as though players using controllers are not punished as much as keyboard and mouse players for firing the pistol as fast as they can. Players on controller are at a clear advantage in these pistol fights because they don’t have to consider bloom and accuracy as much as a keyboard and mouse player might.

I believe the lack of an option to disable crossplay really makes this problem much worse than it otherwise would be. At the moment, players on PC have to decide what advantages and disadvantages they would prefer. Would they prefer to sacrifice some movement for extra firepower consistency, or would they rather be able to move more erratically, but be disadvantaged in 1-on-1 gunfights. This is a balance-related decision a player must make outside of the confines of the game, creating a convoluted problem that appears messy from a game design standpoint and a consumer standpoint. If players could opt out of crossplay, this would no-longer be as glaring an issue.

Not to mention, this compels players to use a device called a XIM, which makes their device think their keyboard and mouse is actually a controller, granting them the aim assist and bullet magnetism while maintaining the benefits of keyboard and mouse. While giving the option to disable crossplay between controller and keyboard and mouse wouldn’t resolve this issue for controller players, it would resolve it for PC players.

Please consider adding an option to disable crossplay between input devices, and thanks for reading this long post!