343 play dates fireteam/party enter gamer tag here

To get the ice unicorn skin I’m guessing we will need bigger groups to match against them. So enter your gamertags here so we can party up and get that skin next time they have a play date. also feel free to join fire team pyro.

My gt is MajorRasta I’ll have my profile on do not disturb but send me an invite I’ll most likely see it

Im not sure of the upcoming play date but I’ll post it here when I find out. For now just punch in your gamertags and I’ll send you an invite like an hour or like 45 minutes to our party so we can get a team of 8 to get a much better match up in multiplayer’s randomization with 343i and clam our ice unicorns skins. If we get more than 8 we can just do 2 teams.

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> The play date starts in 30 mins we need to hurry and party up fast.

Please don’t post multiple times in a row. You can edit your posts to add information and respond to more than one person in a single post.

What playlist?

> 2533274853366674;5:
> What playlist?

It was castle wars CTF but it ended like an hour or 2 after you replied, but hey there’s always next time so check back here and we can try again.