343 Once Again Making Me Hate Esports

As someone who hates every competitive sport (yes, even the IRL ones) 343 making Infinite so esports focused to the point where they screwed up Custom Games options is genuinely face palm worthy.

Listen 343, I did not get into Halo for esports, I got into it for a casual sitdown game and the occasional party mode. Also lore, but that’s not relevant right now.

And you trying to push esports makes me hate esports and their players and their stupid teams and the fact that you can rake up so much money on a -Yoink!- sport (a problem with IRL ones too). If casual players weren’t made to feel so unwanted compared to the esports crowd I wouldn’t care. But it’s a problem, it annoys me, and now I’m starting to hate HCS just for existing and I shouldn’t.

I get Forge is going to be so massive that you needed more time for it, I accept that. What I can’t stand is the fact that every choice in the game is so esports focused that it makes me vomit and that you botched Custom Games so badly. Like, why can’t we have Fiesta normally?

Be honest 343, do you even want casual players around? Would you be happier if we left? Because it feels like it.


I swear they said this game was meant to be more casual than Halo 5 at one point. In my experience, it’s the same or worse. Halo 5 may actually have been slower, and that disturbs me greatly.

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Not only that, but it requires so much skill to aim on a mouse and keyboard due to the fact that there is no aim assist. I attempted to play big team battle and got stomped because it was impossible to acquire targets and get a sensitivity that feels good. I’m used to Halo: Reach, and my temporary transition to Infinite was like a COD player transitioning to Battlefield, not being able to hit targets or aim. You have to be competitive to even aim. I pray to god that they fix this soon and reserve aim assist reduction for competitive playlists.

Yeah I switched from KBM and controller is so much easier with the strong aim assist. I hope they actually listen to feedback and apply the same bullet mag that controller has to KBM and adjust the controller aim assist to be equivalent. For me I was getting about 40% acc on KBM and now I’m 50% on controller, -Yoink!- is scuffed.