343 offline forge + custom games can happen

WTF 343 … This isn’t senseless 343 bashing for no reason other than hate 343 because it’s the cool thing to do, this is a real issue that can be easily solved. I don’t know if someone at 343 or Microsoft told the forge team not to let offline forge happen, or if somehow they just never even tried, but we know it works now. It WORKS. It should be in the game. Like the guy in the video says it is an easy fix.

I’ll quote myself from a post I made earlier today

> While it is possible for modders to find ways around things like this, you have to remember things like that needs to be thoroughly tested / put through QA before being released into the wild. Tom French has touched on this a few times over the last few months and it boils down to the amount of work for them to go through everything and make sure it’s something they can properly support going forward and also maintaining the integrity of the maps and matchmaking with the possible inclusion of modded content.
> Picked a few tweets of his chatting with other players about it:
> https://twitter.com/pardontomfrench/status/774319408625823744
> https://twitter.com/pardontomfrench/status/774530650900537345
> https://twitter.com/pardontomfrench/status/725869326096433152
> Gamecheat changing some code to get it working does not mean that stable enough or safe to push out as a fully supported feature of the game.

Forgot to close this off, so I’ll add an extra comment. Some replies Tom French made today about offline forge, definitely worth reading his replies to this tweet here: