343 no longer updates Reach Spartan Renders

Hello Comunity, 343 is not longer updating Halo Reach stats, i usually play this game and watch my scores and stats in Halo Tracker a very good website to view some statistics of the game, but now all of this is ended, i think the halo reach comunity is not dead, so many peolpe still playing this game and they suddenly close the stats record with no one advertisement.

I think they need to reopen the stats recorder lots of people like it and use it, halo reach is one of the best halos. Please support the cause.

My GT: Royalty l

My halotracker: http://legacy.halotracker.com/Reach/ReachStats.aspx?GamerTag=royalty%20l

Also sorry for my bad English, See you in game.

u sure?

This isn’t anything new. Reach hasn’t been fully supported by 343 and is slowly being phased out for maybe a year or two now. They haven’t updated the playlists for almost 3 years, Halo Waypoint hasn’t updated the Spartan images for just over a year and all they do to the game is perform server maintenance now. What do you expect them to do with a game thats nearly 5 years old? Just because people still play it doesn’t mean they have to fully support Reach instead of focusing on newer projects. There have been 2 games released since Halo Reach came out, and Halo 5 will be out at the end of this year. Reach is an old, last gen game now, and 343 are focusing on current gen projects.