343, Nerf ALL Armor Abilities!

I’m more than excited to see bloom being removed and armor lock being nerfed.

Maybe my K/D will rise out of Suckville with the randomness of bloom gone. If not, I got nothing to blame my Reach suckitude on. But I digress!

Hopefully y’all will nerf the other armor abilities as well.

During the Reach beta I was excited about the change-up to Halo’s multiplayer experience, but the AA’s dominate gameplay instead of supplementing it.

6 seconds of armor lock have outraged many Halo fans and we appreciate the change it is getting. I never wanted this ability to go. It’s perfect for surviving a camper with a power weapon that’s waiting around the corner and for vehicles out in the open. Now I hope to see it can’t eat sticky 'nades. This would also be cool to save teammates that are standing close by sacrificing yourself in armor lock with the sticky 'nade an opposing player hit you with.

Now the other armor abilities need to be reduced to control their abuse. I don’t know if my ideas are the best, but what I like personally to be done. In other words, don’t -Yoink- on me if you disagree.

Sprint isn’t too bad, but it’s annoying to have a player run a good distance away while I try in vain to shoot them down before they reach cover. Retreating to regroup and fight is a sound tactic, but the player shouldn’t be able to get so far away. A reduction in sprint duration with the perceived increase in movement from the Damnation video would do.

Jetpack. Jetpack rocks because everybody wants one in real life. In Reach, it needs a reduction in duration. How much I don’t know, because I like to noob it. I’ll leave the details to the pros.

Evade. What an annoying damn ability. Reduce it to one roll per charge, thx.

Hologram. This actually needs buffing. I love this on Asylum. I use it to trick opposing players into shooting it so I can give out their locations to my team or know how far they are from me (haha camper!). The dot should go red for the Hologram for sure.

Drop Shield. Is this even abused? Not in my games, so I don’t know what should be done. Sorry.

Active Camo. Now this is the -Yoink- that needs to be nerfed hard, too. It’s so damn annoying how long it lasts. Especially when two or more on the opposing team use it. Reduce the duration and increase the recharge time.

Well, them be my ideas. Whether or not they’re sound, the armor abilities need to supplement the gameplay instead of dominate it anymore.

At least that’s what I reckon.

Armor Lock can go die, Sprint is useful, Jetpack is entertaining, Evade is amazing, I don’t care about Drop Shield, Hologram sucks, and as for Active Camo… the duration is fine. The radar jammer aspect needs to be removed and it needs to revert to good camo that stays constant and keeps you completely cloaked no matter how fast you’re moving.

Hate AL, love the Jetpack (my answer to Banshee bombers. Hey, at least you can still splatter me but good luck actually hitting me instead of shooting in my general direction). Sprint is fine (if you can’t headshot a sprinting opponent, you may want to adjust the sensitivity of your controller or do what I do and COD them, meaning spin and no-scope headshot them). Evade really doesn’t bother me (I prefer headshots to explosions). Hologram could be nerfed (if you fall victim to a hologram, you really should get your trigger finger looked at. Holograms do not show a red name above them). If anything, turning Active Camo back the way it was would make it deadly in my hands (no radar jam plus full speed while cloaked? My knife will love it!) Seriously, it would take the effort out of stealth.