343 Needs to Shift Their Focus

The current focus of 343 seems to be to release content, server fixes, forge and seasonal story. As a forger I am all for their focus to be on that feature along with fixing desync issues as well. But there needs to be a tough call.

Now, this is just my opinion and thoughts on what they should focus on. Feel free to give your thoughts on what you all thing they should focus on.

Social Features, this is a big one. My first game was Halo 3 and a feature I truly enjoyed was it’s Social features. Pre/Post Game Lobbies, Party Up and Proximity Chat. These three alone were very nice features for Multiplayer, along with a Veto system that allowed the whole lobby to choose if they wanted to play that map or not. Pre/Post Game Lobbies allowed for people to interact with one another. Some people would make friends or inspect other players looking at their badges, rank ect.

Allowing people to have these social interactions was a fantastic feature. It’s apart of the entire experience. It was one of the many things that brought me back over and over again, even in Halo Reach. The Party Up System was another amazing feature. If you enjoyed playing with the people in the lobby, having a fun experience with them, you could continue to play with them. It was something that if you were new to Halo or Xbox you could make friends through those social interactions party system.

They also need to shift focus on a ranking progression system. Allowing players to unlock armors/rewards through this system, along with in game achievement rewards. Like, I just did this special challenge and I unlocked this cool helmet. With this they also need a better XP system with rewards for Team Work, Challenges and Efficiency. A Battle Pass is not a terrible addition to any game. It’s only terrible if done incorrectly. For Infinite all the Mark VII cores should have been in this Rank Progression System.

Other Features that need to have their focus shifted to is Split Screen, Theater and Customs. Both are key features within Halo. The Social side of the game should have been their main focus first. Split Screen being a big part of Halo should always be there no matter what. If people want to hang out in one place, if you only have one Xbox in your house or if a friend doesn’t own an Xbox and you wanna play Halo, Split Screen is there for that. It. Is. A. Must.

With the current state of the game I would rather all Seasonal stuff to be put on Hold and have them focus on fixing the servers adding all these other features first. When Forge and the File Browser is released the Forge Community will help with map content. Either with remaking older Halo maps from the past or new maps.

I want Infinite to succeed but their focus needs to change. Along with their mindset that Halo has always been a competitive shoot ever since CE. Halo at its original core was always a Shooter Party Game first. The Competitive side comes last. These are my thoughts and it may help bring a little more life to the game with the fixes and features coming back.
It may also hurt the game a bit as well making the wait for content longer but I feel it is a must.