343 needs to see this thread! Simple Halo

So I’m going to start off and say that Halo four isn’t that bad. There was a couple things that stood out to me that drew me away from the Halo experience however.

Here are couple things that I did not like at all about Halo 4:

  1. I died way too quickly. Even the vehicles blew up with relative ease. I missed the old halos where you had to work to get the kill. Now if the opposing team has the drop on you then you’re done. That’s a big reason why I like Halo before is because it’s not like call of duty in that aspect.
  2. They took out the hornet and the revenant and didn’t add any extra vehicles.
  3. Most of the maps in Halo seemed like there wasn’t enough light and that I was in a box. It just didn’t seem that open to me
  4. The whole aspect of halo for me seemed to perfect everything was too sharp and cartoony like almost.
  5. the campaign. There wasn’t really any WoW moments for me for this campaign. It was by far the easiest legendary campaign I have ever played and was able to it by myself Not even needing a friend. Some missions I was able to not even die the whole time.
  6. They didn’t have a blood gulch replica! Even reach had hemmorige. And Valhalla Doesn’t count due to its too many hills and rocks and trees that were in the way that didn’t allow you to have an open Battlefield experience.

With that said here are couple things I think they should do for halo Xbox one

  1. Make people harder to kill And vehicles
  2. Make Halo feel more like Halo again with someone ruggedness into it and dirty and scratched up instead of pristine and perfect like Halo 4 is.
  3. Some nice big open maps for big team battle.
  4. Battlefield 4 announced that it will have 64 players for the Xbox one like the PC version what if Halo did that? Imagine 32 versus 32 on big open maps with loads of vehicles and being able to pilot a pelican to pick up your buddies and drop in the heat of battle!
  5. Add more vehicles
  6. Big boss battles. With all the crazy things that exist in the Halo universe I am surprised that there has never been a big boss battle in Halo. Something that would be hard to beat that you could get your friends in on to help out on that would be an epic experience. Because we all know we don’t want a quick time event boss battle like in halo 4.

I know 343 wants to have their own halo and not bungie’s Halo but, They need to understand that they’re trying to please An original Halo player that likes the way things were done And is not completely satisfied for the way things are going. It seems like Halo is gearing towards the call of duty experience that accommodates noobs.

Please give any comments to how we can help better the future of Halo.

  1. Players and vehicles are too easy to kill.
    Vehicles are easy to destroy because of the Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades.
    Players are too easy to kill because of high aim-assist coupled with fast kill times.
    These are certainly issues that need to be addressed.

  2. I think 343 did this on purpose.
    The Spartan IV’s are new to the war and haven’t had much time in battle, so their armor is nice and shiny.
    And Chief has been ‘renewed’ with his updated armor.
    However, as we saw in the Teaser Trailer, Chief’s armor is broken and withered.
    So broken and battle-hardened will probably be the visual theme for HX1.

  3. Agreed.
    This goes for Campaign as well.
    There’s little exploration to be done in the Campaign environments.
    And in multiplayer, you can tell they’re all enclosed because the Falcon wouldn’t work well on a single one of them.

  4. In order to have matches that large, we need huge maps.
    While I welcome the idea, I’d rather 343 placed this very low on their list of priorities.

  5. More vehicles would be pretty nice.

  6. I would love a fun boss battle like Tartarus in Halo 2.

Although I voted for Halo 3 in the poll I immediately regretted that as I decided I wanted something completely different. Halo: Reach and Halo 4 has some of the best game play mechanics of the who series in my opinion. There is just some changes I would make:

  1. WEAPONS: No Dual wielding. Bring back the Spiker, the Brute Shot and the spike grenade and fire bomb (I loved the Brute sandbox and firmly believe in it).

  2. VEHICLES: Bring back the Reverent, the Falcon, the Chopper and the Prowler back but with mods. For the Reverent, I believe it should be a three seater variant with a seat either side of the pilot (instead of looking like a hovering sports car with a mortar). The Falcon was a near perfect vehicles as it was introduced, but I believe in multiplayer their should be three permutations: Regular, Grenade and Transport. Regular has two machine gunners and the pilot has a slightly hindered rate of fire, Grenade has two grenade turrets but the pilot has no weapons while the Transport variant has no gunners but 5 seats and the pilot has the full campaign grade weapon fire rate.

  3. VEHICLES: The Prowler should be brought back in but both have it’s movement style to match the chopper (industrial style metal cogs but with advanced engines) and the turret to not be a plasma cannon. And if it stays like that then they need one with a brute style spike firing weapon, and perhaps a third one as a long lasting and brutal Setinal beam. Also bring in a third Brute vehicle which is flying. Consisting of a pilot, one gunner (fixed brute style weapon) and spaces for 4 players to be carried. (Visually I thought of something like the Sparrowhawk but with the tail replace by a barrel like chamber and the second turret moved back to be on the barrel)

  4. ENVIROMENT: More destruction physics, Better water and environment. IDK just some leap from the predecessors.

  5. MULTIPLAYER: I believe that the game should either have 60 or 72 players online. This is so the game is structured in squads of six. Squads of six to me is a classic halo structure with ODST and Reach’s main squads are composed of six. Also the voting system should have two votes: one for the game type where you have two options and one where you vote for the map and you have three options. A “None of the above” option should be featured. Much like Halo 4, no re-vote.

  6. MULTIPLAYER: Their should be two big team playlists (utilising the whole player cap). One solely for slayer called “Big Team Battle”. While “Big Team Objective” should be consisted of the largest maps optimised for Invasion and Dominion as these game types scream for large Battle Field scale of warfare.

  7. MULTIPLAYER: The custom classes is a nice touch I support but I believe the perk or package system should be removed OR replace with one slot of perks which don’t alter the combat dynamics in someone’s favour. E.g Carrying two primary weapons, extra ammo, extra grenades, second grenade starting, sprint. (To help quell a dislike for this option I believe should at least should be in campaign). Also add the Spiker to the secondary slot.

  8. FIREFIGHT: Can go up to 6 vs 6. deffenders get a squad of ODSTs to start with as as you get points you get ordnance drops from Pelicans of more troops, vehicles or weapons; depending on you choice. Difficulty increase should be more like Horde on Gears of War and forget the skulls, just has certain aspects of the enemies be multiplied like aim speed, health ect. Also an “Elite Firefight” option where you play as Elites battling the hordes of Flood throwing themselves at you. Obviously no game play mechanics alter for this it’s just to offer a different spin.

  9. CAMPAIGN: Create broad, less linear sections of the game. Like take the level in Reach where you fly the Falcon to different buildings. Imagine that logic but with each play you go in different orders to different locations. That kind of stuff is just priceless and helps the re-playability. But make them individual levels so you’ve still got highly linear levels like most classic halo.

  10. FORGE: Able to make the space within a building if put underground hollowed out so you can create more dynamic battlefield options in your map. Also they really need to come up with more structures and extras for it.

I thank you both for taking your time to also put it your input. You guys definitely have some very interesting ideas for the next one. I hope 343 looks at these posts and possibly take anything from it which would be most badass. I like the sparrow hawk idea. Would be good for big team battle so there could be death from above and some good dog fights. I like six verse six for 64 players but I would like also like 32 verses 32. Like say Spartans verses elite! Imagine sitting on a hill snipping and you scope in to see 30 or so of your buddies in an all out brawl with 32 other elites! It would be breath taking… And mix in -Yoink- loads of vehicles land and air! Freakin A that would be glorious.

I think one of the most important things is the Multiplayer Map design, something that I think 343 kind of screwed up for Halo 4. Don’t get me wrong, Halo 4 wasn’t half bad, as I loved the campaign. However, the maps just didn’t give off that instantly recognizable feel that Halo maps are known for. Battle Creek in CE is an excellent example of how to get level design right. Both bases are easy to navigate and easily recognizable. The rocket and sniper spawns are up high in the middle of the map, something that small Halo maps should almost always have. This gives both teams an opportunity to get to the spawns and control the power weapons. This is an insanely brief description, but it makes my point.

As long as it not a direct copy of any of the previous halo games and it finished and not rush, people actually start putting effort in costem and forge. Then halo can be popular again.

Halo 5 needs a good set of movement and weapon mechanics. There are a number of ways I’d categorize this.

Weapon Skillgap
Weapon Effectiveness
Weapon Killtimes
Movement Speed
Movement Mechanics
Sandbox Balance

Every Halo title has fallen short in at least one of these areas. Some have fallen short in several of these areas. The key to making a good Halo game starts with getting the combat itself right.

Map Design, Weapon Design, etc all ties into above.

The next thing is the player’s ability to customize their playing experience. Halo 3 was the advent of expansive custom games, Halo Reach further expanded upon gametype customization. Halo 4 however brought us back to basically Halo 2.5 in terms of options.

Anyways, if you were to ask me which game Halo should feel like, I would have to say Halo CE. Halo CE had a small sandbox with balance flaws, but it also had a good pace, good maps, and a significant skillgap.

Agree with vehicles but disagree with killtimes. In Halo 3 the only weapon that was actually useful was the BR while the other weapons (besides power) felt weak and useless. While in Halo 4 the standard weapons actual kill within a reasonable amount of time.

Agree with most but I don’t want 32 v 32 because I feel that’s TOO hectic for Halo I wouldn’t mind 12 v 12 or 16 v 16.