343 needs to rethink the progression system

343 is determined to have this challenge based progression system but it cannot work the way they want it to. It pulls focus away from the objectives of matchmaking and spoils the experience.
The challenge system should be supplemental if they truly insist on keeping it at all. The system we should have should have a base slow progression for playing matches then a higher xp reward for winning and all of that should be augmented by what medals you earn in the match… a medal based progression system would be much better and wouldn’t pull focus from the objectives; on the contrary, a medal based progression would actually encourage people to play the game more and get better…
It should be obvious at this point thought that 343 doesn’t actually care what the fan base wants, they just tell us what we want to hear then do what they think would make them the most money…
Should really get an applied mathematician to crunch some optimization numbers for their prices too because I’m pretty sure they’d tell them they could make more money if they lowered the prices to be more reasonable… different subject for another time.


Yeah honestly I’ve been playing for 3 hours straight in the Fiesta Tenrai playlist and I’m only tier 2 but I need a small break. How am I expected to get to tier 30 at this rate when there’s only like 6 days left? That means that I have to play like 3 or 4 days straight just to make it…

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We need a performance-based XP system, what we currently have is just tedious

We can’t even queue for modes like Oddball and we’re being asked to win a game in it, if you lose the game you finally find you’ll have to queue up and hope to find it again, this promotes people leaving games

People just AFK now because they know they’ll be rewarded 50xp per game

This current challenge-only system is going to hinder long-term retention


The irony of it is 343 said they implemented this system so it wouldn’t feel like we had a second job… That’s exactly what it’s starting to feel like, a chore with very little payout…


The don’t want use to finish it in one week. The event will be here 6 times during season 1.

Oh, well, that changes things then, I didn’t know it came back several times.

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Yeah, it only mentioned in their post on way point. They said the next one after this week is early January.

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What does this have to do with having a broken progression system?

I’ve been on my final challenge for hours now. The RNG just won’t give me the right gametype to complete it. It’s very frustrating.

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I used to play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and the challenge system in Halo Infinite is reminding me a lot of it. In SWGOH, you always had to do your dailies, and much advancement was locked behind a paywall.

I’d much rather have progression reward my effort / skill than paying for it, or grinding endlessly on challenges that have nothing to do with the objective.

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I agree that the system is broken a needs adjustment but its what we got now and ill make the best of it. Changes will come with time.

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