343 Needs to Respond

There are obviously a lot of people who are disappointed in Halo 4 currently, myself included. There has been a lot of bashing going on by both sides, and it results in very little being done.

In order to solve the problem of needless bashing 343 needs to be more active in responding to legitimate constructive criticism. It would also help if 343 would make more threads on different major topics such as the ranking system where they could ask for legitimate feedback. These could be stickied just like the playlists one where they add for feedback. Polls could also be added if there wasn’t a way for people to exploit it.

I think this would help organize these forums as a whole, and would help the voice of the community come out more.

Also It would be nice to hear about how they plan on fixing the Server connectivity problems. Im so tired of not being able to play with MY LOADOUTS and MY Armor, and My Friends.

Isn´t there a update November 20 or 21???

It’d be wiser to first consider the true nature of the criticism. Many people come here to say “Hurr durr I want a visible rank, huurrrr durrr”. They come here to troll, and their “criticism” is more destructive than constructive. The few who do lay out their complaints in a logical and well-organized fashon usually gain a large audience. 343 monitors these forums, even if they don’t post in them.

They are watching. They are listening.

Oh and keep in mind. Those who come here to complain represent a very small majority of all Halo 4 players. Most just pop in the game, shoot things, download DLC from Live, and repeat. Very few actually bother to come to the developer’s website and file a complaint.

I love Halo 4 and yes, it has its problems, but the game hasn’t even been out two weeks.

Give 343 some time to respond, patch etc. My two cents and it’s probably worth that much.