343 needs to fix the current state of halo

Before I go into details watch The Boys Unknown on YouTube they’re kinda ranty but they’re right. They address everything that’s wrong.

So it been only one week since the release of multiplayer and the lack of everything is old. Now the core gameplay is amazing chef’s kiss, but everything else sucks.

  1. You don’t get rewarded for playing the game and no 50xp for completing a game doesn’t not count it’s a cop out.
  2. The battlepass has no customization to it most of it is challenge swaps and xp
  3. Lack of customization in armor and coatings. Plus one coating should work for al armor cores.
  4. Let us pick game modes for example at this moment of posting this i have three challenges for strongholds and ten match I when in had backed out of none of them where strongholds, then gave up and played a different game.

As the time of writing I can’t think of anything else but watch The Boys Unknown on YouTube they go into further detail.