343 needs to change how Events are made and presented, and this are some ways how they should have done it

Tying Events to Gamemodes is a bad idea
While rotational game modes aren’t a new thing, having game modes rotate in and out only generates a sense of content being taken away and shelved, and this is not what you want your players to feel.

While I hope the rotational game modes are still created and used, core game modes that have existed in Halo’s past should always be present in a future Action Sack option, hopefully in an MCC styled Match composer.

Now let’s talk about how Events should have been done:

The theme here is Samurais and such, which makes people feel like it’s going to be very melee centric. Heck, even the first Tenrai trailer has the Spartans just going at it with melee weapons.

What 343 should do with Tenrai if they ever do bring it back after the 6 weeks is to make Tenrai have its own rulings, then apply these rulings to various game modes. The ruling for Tenrai could be simple:

  • Swords only
  • Players all start with Thruster
  • The only power weapon spawning in will be the Skewer, which rewards the team with good control and use of it with some free kills

Then you can apply these rulings to BTB and Quickplay.

BTB becomes Big Sword Battle, where it’s BTB but without vehicles and weapon pick ups, just Swording and Equipment. If there’s an Infection mode, you can name it Samurais vs Onis, with Onis being the Infected using Swords and Thrusters, while the Samurai are equipped with Hammers and Repulsors.

Cyber Showdown

The main gimmick for this was Attrition, so we could technically apply this ruling similarly. BTB with revive mechanic would be pretty fun to play around, just add an extended death timer to players who have died and are awaiting revival. If there’s an Infection mode, you could have Infection but with revive mechanic, and Infected will win if they reach a threshold score or convert every player.

Future Events

343 should look to apply this similarly to future events. Say the next one coming is Tactical Slayer event, so instead of just forcing everyone to play Tactical Slayer over and over and over, alter it. Change it so that players only die to a headshot, from any weapon.

Now I know this will make the entire Event a little sweaty, but then again, Tact Slayer is already pretty sweaty. Making headshot kills from any weapon means even a lower skilled player with an AR can headshot kill someone if they control their spray. This will also train players to get better with aiming, and rely less on melee.

Whenever I heard the word “event” I always thought it was some massive celebration with an entirely new section of the game that offered more than just a gamemode. None of these “events” feel like an actual event

I agree, maps too. When forge is out I want the maps to be heavily themed round the event too. Get some Fudeal Japan looking map on the go for Tenrai. Some Tron looking, Breakout maps thing for Cyber Showdown, Christmas maps for winter contingency.

Was expecting Tenrai to be a Swords event. Not that I’d enjoy that, but it’s what I expected.

It needs to be done.