343 needs to bring heavies back.

If heavies, declared by 343, “was the most played playlist running 3 days straight” then why would they decide to remove it? 343, bring heavies back.

First of all Halo 4’s “Heavies” is barely anything different than the launch-era BTB Slayer. Second, since this playlist goes back, why not actually remove Infinity settings? Third. I know people wax lyrical about how terrible it is, but if anything Heavies is about the simple heft and time-consuming experience that provides double commendations earning? It feels too infinity-centric in halo 4…

Bring this back! It was soooo much fun and was very popular as well. Even bad players could get lots of kills in this :smiley:

I agree

Agreed, they need to bring it back.

I totally agree …

They need to bring it back with all the dlc maps.

There was personal ordnance in Heavies…? With all the matches I played in that list I don’t ever remember Infinity settings being included. And that’s one of the main reasons I enjoyed it. Played it with 4 other people all last weekend and had a blast. Obviously it’s not a hardcore competitive list or anything, but it was fun to stomp around in as more of a social playlist. The lack of Infinity settings made it feel a little more closer to classic Halo, which I enjoyed very much.

Agreed, I still need “Bigfoot” D: