343 needs to bring back premium with some changes

So I know 343 is trying to get DLC to pop up in matchmaking more often but here’s the truth it just isn’t happening. So please 343 just bring back the Premium Playlists and Have them include all three map packs so there’s plenty of variety and that way it won’t have a bad population. The only reason the population was low earlier is becuase there weren’t that many maps becuase there were only like 5 maps with Noble and Defiant combined but now with Anniversary there will be plenty. SO PLEASE 343 BRING BACK THE PREMIUM PLAYLISTS. I just want to be able to play the DLC that I paid for, It never comes up in Matchmaking.

Or maybe even just change the name of the Anniversary Playlists to Premium and change nothing but just include the other map packs? Still Have the Anniversary gametypes but just all the DLC maps too. That would probably be best and make a lot of people happy.

all though you appear to babble on incoherently i agree, we need premium slayer and/or premium battle back.

I agree please 343 combine the map packs. that would make alot of people happy. everybody i play with agrees and we all would be happy.

Yes, please.

Agreed. Let DLC back in!