343 Needs to be more responsive

Okay, so recently the forums have been blowing up. There are many reasons why this is happening, but the reason that bothers me the most is ‘perks’. Enough’s enough! People here are obviously not informed enough to be posting here. I go to a thread, and at least five times I see, “OMG 343 IZ KILLIN HALOZZ” or “Y ARE 343 ADDING PERKS EWW YOU GUYS SUCK”…Just stop. If you care so much, why don’t you just do the research and find out that there aren’t going to be any perks. Stop making assumptions without any real evidence. On the other hand 343 needs to do something about this. I feel like THEY aren’t doing their job by straightening things out with these buffoons. I’ve seen Frankie say that there aren’t going to be perks on these sketchy websites, but not the “Official Halo Website” To me, that just doesn’t make sense.

“Don’t Wory AAs will be balanced and wont affect the Halo formula” - Bungie

That turned out well…

I think 343 just needs to be more thorough with their reveals. If they’re going to reveal a feature, we need all the information on said feature. They did this to themselves by saying “Oh yeah there’s armor upgrades that affect gameplay…But we aren’t going to tell you any details at all and leave you all hanging thinking that we’ve done perks from CoD.”

They would have been better off not mentioning it at all.

People will be people…stupid and irrational…