343 needs to be more open with the community

So Halo 5 has finally been released and so far it’s a great experience but ofcourse there are always some issues and things that could be improved.

So a lot of people posted feedback on Halo 5 already and ideas to make the game better and 343 should embrace all the good feedback and be more open about it with us, the Halo community.

The Halo 5 forum here on Waypoint needs a sticky thread were 343 creates a list of things they are planning to update or add to the game (excluding new map and REQ content) based on community feedback.

For example, if there is a bug in the game, 343 should place in it in the list to indicate that they are aware of it and working on it.

This would take away a lot of frustration from the community when 343 didn’t respond to their feedback or suggestions since the list would indicate if they are aware of it or not. Kinda an open to do list for 343 to show to the community to keep them calm and positive about upcoming changes.