343 needs to be more like Subway (Eat Fresh!)

343 should have decide to involve the community in the making of Halo but just letting us choose what we want and what we don’t want.
If I was 343 I would release a public survey asking the community and fans what they wanted and let them choose (Yes, No or No Answer)

Do you want Smart-Scope? (343 would explain what it is and give some screenshots of it)

Which announcer voice do you want? (343 would give samples of multiple voices and let the people decide)

How do you feel about weapon callouts being in Halo?

Would you guys like Spartan Chatter?

343 could have done this and left a little box for additional feedback and thoughts and they could’ve even left a box at the end of these surveys to give suggestions for the game overall.

Well that’s just my two cents…

The problem is sample size. Is the group of fans that answer the survey really indicative of the entire playerbase? Probably not,

Wish granted.