343 NEEDS to adopt Destiny Shader system into Coatings

In Destiny, they made it so if you ever had a Shader, it’s permanently in your collections. Once you earn or buy a Shader, you can apply it to any weapon, any vehicle, your AI (Ghost), or any individual part of your armor pieces, across all Cores (Warlock, Hunter, Titan), so 343 NEEDS to do the same with Infinite Coatings. Once you own a Coating, it should work EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING.

We have too many AR Coatings, so you would be able to use those on ALL weapons. We only have a white Wasp Coating, but you’d be able to use that on ALL vehicles. That includes putting your Rockstar Coating on ALL vehicles, ALL weapons, and then even on your Spartans.

343 should NOT be selling us the same color 20+ times for every individual weapon, vehicle, and armor core.

If I’m gonna be paying $20 for WHITE, it better be made worth that $20. There’s no excuse to not do what Destiny did, since Coatings are a ripoff of Shaders anyway.


Never in a million years did I ever think that Destiny’s shader system would ever actually be superior to anything, yet here we are. There actually is something worse.


Here’s a better idea: how about they adopt Halo 2’s color system?


They could, they could. Have 3 slots out of the 6 slots in a Coating basic colors, then as you unlock new Coatings, you could apply each coating to each individual slot, because I’ve seen fan concept art doing that, like taking Rockstar Gold camo, and applying it to 4 slots and Watchdog Chrome to 2 slots. I doubt they’ll do that, because that would be too cool for 343 to bother making.

This is insane. Can’t believe the community doesn’t flip out. I know some can’t resist but as a whole this should be a reason to deny the devs/Microsoft your money
I know it is free to play but this mobile free to play levels…


I would like people to take this topic seriously, because I’ve been saying since the betas that Infinite is a bootleg Destiny, and I would genuinely like people to be talking about this on Reddit, the forums, posting it on YouTube, comparing what Destiny does right, versus what Infinite does wrong. There are many things that we could compare, but the Coatings vs Shaders system is one of the bigger ones. 343 has always been living in Bungie’s shadow, but this is getting ridiculous.

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If you want a realistic replacement to the pit they dug themselves into this time, look to Warframe and its pallette system. Still, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation in the first place. A system that’s worked for over two decades doesn’t need changing.

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Another great customization system I believe would work well is DOOM 2016. They took Halo 4 and cracked it out like a car racing game customization system. I think the textures and colors we unlock from Coatings would be very well applied to this system. We also need body customization like 3 and 4 had again. Not just Reach magnets.


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I’m well aware of Doom’s amazing setup; suggested it when they unveiled their sh*tty system back in May

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